Ms Mono

At the end of 2018, I built a website for film production company Ms Mono, on behalf of Danver Communications

The design was very led by Luke Pajak’s logo, and the company’s monochrome branding. I designed a simple site based on semicircles, straight lines, and strong photography.

Ms Mono Homepage Hero Image
Fullpage Homepage Hero

I was sent a folder of stills from the company’s films to work with, and was immediately grabbed by this image. I liked the idea of turning the screen into a mirror, and playing with the idea of the user being on a video call with the company. The lipstick is also a nice echo of the bullet shapes I used throughout the site, inspired by the logo.

Ms Mono Homepage Images
Further down the homepage

Further down the homepage are some straightforward image/text pairings, but with some custom CSS i added strong curves on alternating sides. Even buttons and submission forms are given this dynamic, curved shape, giving a sense of brand unity.

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